We request you to study this disclaimer once before becoming a customer/direct seller of Alkman Lifecare Pvt. Ltd.
It is also informed to everyone that our company does not charge any kind of registration amount or joining fees for becoming a customer/direct seller of the company.
The company provides you a unique user id & password after the completion of the registration process.
Further after login in through your user id and password on our website, you can buy any product from the available products on the website according to your requirement.
It is hereby further informed to the general public that our company is engaged in the business of Direct selling And invites everyone to become a customer/direct seller of our company as per the company’s rules.
we are also engaged in the marketing or sales of goods directly to the end-user consumer on MRP or below the MRP using word of mouth publicity, display/demonstration of the goods/products.
We have also declared that we have not given any assurance or promise to its direct seller for any kind of income against the product purchased by the respective direct sellers.

Although, the direct seller shall be eligible for the sales incentives depending upon the sales of products and generates volume of business done by him/her as per terms and condition of the company.
And our company follows the guidelines given by the government and respects the guidelines.
It is hereby also informed to the general public that our company does not take responsibility for any kind of false commitment/promises/representations etc. made by any direct seller on behalf of the company.
All types of correct information are provided on the company’s website which we request to study.
That the Direct Seller and the company hereby undertake not to indulge in money circulation scheme or any act barred by the Prize Chits and Money Circulation Scheme (Banning) Act, 1978.
the company sells its widely acclaimed and recognized products only through authorized direct sellers also known as alkmen lifecare direct sellers. sale of alkmen lifecare products through shops, supermarkets,
and online websites like eBay, Flipkart, snap deal, shop clues, amazon, etc. is completely unauthorized and alkmen lifecare does not stand behind the authenticity or quality of sales made from such unauthorized channels.
To purchase genuine alkmen lifecare products and to avail 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, please get in touch with alkmen lifecare direct sellers nearby you or visit our website www.alkmen.in