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Bio-Magnetic Mattress 5×6 & Pillow Pad

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Diabetic Juice

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Bio-Magnetic Mattress 3×6 & Pillow Pad

MRP : ₹ 9990
DSP : ₹ 5990
BV : 50

Alkmen Bioenergy bio magnet is 100% safe natural & nontoxic as well as most eco-friendly hygienic with zero side effects. Alkmen Magnetic Mattress works very effectively from top to bottom and purifies total blood in your body. It will give you total relief from body pain from top to bottom. Alkmen Magnetic Mattress prevents hereditary genetic family history Diseases. If one is suffering from cholesterol, high BP, or diabetes then this mattress will help you to feel relief from such pain. It helps to control multiple blood vessels blockage tendency. This Product is Pain relief, especially from back pain, knee pain, headaches, and migraines. Alkmen Magnetic Mattress helps in Alleviation of sleeping problems. We can say that this product is faster tissue and bone healing product. It can be helpful for improved blood circulation and capillary circulation. Another plus to sleeping on a magnetic mattress is that you get better sleep.

Size : 3 x 6 ft.

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